For Children, Teens, & Adults

Here at Rollins & Petersen, we provide straightening services for patients of all ages. We offer treatments for the entire family so you can all experience the benefits of having a strong, healthy smile. Keep reading to learn more about the different services we provide for children, teenagers, and adults.

Orthodontics For Kids

We recommend that children who are seven-years-old visit our orthodontists in Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Chandler or Globe, Arizona, for their initial consultation. Even though these children still have their baby teeth, we may need to use early orthodontic treatments to adjust the structure of their jaw bone in order to prevent more serious malocclusion problems from developing in the future.

Orthodontics For Teens

Orthodontic treatment usually occurs in the teenage years because adolescents have all of their permanent teeth and they are still growing (which makes it easier to move teeth). Drs. Rollins, Petersen, and Adams use a variety of straightening systems that create strong, beautiful smiles which can last for life.

Orthodontics For Adults

Even though it is ideal for patients to receive a straightening treatment when they are a teenager, this doesn’t mean that adults can’t experience the benefits of orthodontic care. Adults of all ages can finally gain a straight, beautiful smile, and they can do so by wearing clear aligners.